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Fuse & Mold

I wonder if we hold hands long enough will our hearts

begin to melt and fuse and grow bearings that are anchors

to each other. Will I understand why you’re always watching the

corner and will you know how to calm me. Can I reach your 

insecurities and treat them with care as they shrink and our masses

combine to melt and fuse to finally feel all of you and align dreams

the way we are thumbprints.

I want to love you the way I think you can love me

when I lock eyes with you and create endless parallel beams of 

magic and forgiveness. We are sick from realities and abandoning 

expectations will merge our desires until you can’t tell us apart only

to be seen as the two to be envied for they are fearless 

and in love and dissolved into one another.

For their eyes create laser beams and their fingertips

are one. 



This poem is now available on the Fuse & Melt Short Sleeve, and print. 

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