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Covid-19 - The New Decade Ass-kicking We Didn't Know Was Coming

I am unemployed for the first time since the age of 15. Truly taking every day as it comes, this unforeseen and unpredictable wave of sickness has been whack. But, seeing the acts of humanity pushed towards those in need- artists, the service industry, families- keeps my spirit alive. I don’t know if anybody out there is in the position to buy art right now but I had an idea. I created some pieces of self-isolation friendly clothing (hoodies, sweatpants, etc.) and found numerous causes (GoFundMe's, CORE, The Creator Fund, etc) I want to donate towards. For anyone able to purchase, 50% of the profits will be donated to the causes. Have a cause you care more about? Message me and the funds will go there. Clothes aren't your style? Buy anything else from my site and the proceeds will still be split until further notice. I’m just going to call this a partnership. On a slightly different note, I personally realize how difficult this time is for mental health upkeep. Please reach out if you're struggling. Let's talk.

Thank you,



Click the link below to shop my graphic designs - including the unemployed skater fox designed just for this cause.

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